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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers. Here are some of the most common questions regarding our Wordpress maintenance, support, and optimization services.

How do I Get Started?

After choosing a plan and finalizing your checkout, we'll provide you with all of the information on how to securely send us your website login credentials, how to contact support, how to request content edits, information on any updates, and progress on your website's speed optimization initiatives.

How Does Onboarding With WP Rooster Work?

After we receive the login credentials for your WordPress dashboard and hosting provider, your plan will be thoroughly executed within 48 hours, typically faster. This process includes a comprehensive checklist to ensure your website is fully optimized.

It's worth noting that the speed improvements may require up to a week and a half. The reason being, we need to meticulously optimize your unique core files, theme, and plugins. Our priority is to avoid any downtime for your website. Hence, we adopt a methodical approach to ensure everything is done correctly, instead of hastily making changes that could potentially risk your website's functionality.

Do You Offer Web Hosting?

We do not offer web hosting at this time.
For fast, reliable hosting, we always recommend Kinsta Hosting.

What's Included In The Unlimited Edits?

Unlimited edits for the Advanced and Professional plans:


- Edits to existing settings and content on your website such as adjusting CSS code, plugin settings, changes or updates to blog or website content is most certainly included.

- If you wanted us to add a blog post to your website, for example, you can send us the blog content, the images needed for the article, and instructions on formatting the blog post, and we could most certainly upload the blog post for you.

- For Wordpress sites with eCommerce functionality, we could add new products to your store with the images/links/copy that you provide to us or replace existing copy with copy that you provide for us.

- We can install any new plugins that you would like to add to your site, and we can adjust the plugin's settings to match your desired performance.

- We can't do custom SEO work, but we can help fix any problems that we may provide in your website report.

- We can add images, replace images, replace copy, add new posts, add new landing pages with a page builder, change images or banners, etc, etc.

What is Not included:

- We can't do any custom Wordpress development. We can't write copy, build a new website, design logos, create new content, create images or take photography for your website, build custom plugins, make changes to your hosting plan, custom SEO work such as obtaining backlinks or keyword planning, or any custom development work.

Do You Require That I Sign A Contract?

No contract is necessary for the Maintenance and Support plans, as these are month to month packages that can be canceled anytime. For websites or landing page projects we do require that you sign a contract before work begins.

Why Should I Choose WP Rooster?

We're not a fly-by-night operation. We've built Wordpress sites, operated high-traffic Wordpress sites, and maintained Wordpress sites for over 16 years.
We have an extensive network of qualified designers, developers, and project managers at the ready willing to deliver quality results. Your website is most likely your livelihood (or could be one day) and we take that very seriously. We never tolerate subpar results from our team.